Important things to know about the movies

The film also known as motion picture, movie, photoplay, moving picture and movie is a group of moving or still pictures that are shown on a type of screen, create or show the illusion of images in motion. This is the original definition that has been dated back to 1800s, but recently, there has been an improvement in the film making that makes films more enjoyable and presentable. Nowadays, there are videos in HD that make movies more fascinating thus attracting viewers. There are lots to film making and movies in general thus there are some things to be put into consideration before a film can be considered a form of entertainment. There are lots of reasons why some movies are made, and some are discussed below.

Reasons why movies are made

There are various reasons why movies are made. These reasons can be;

History: there are some movies that are made to narrate history. These types of movies are always real and very straightforward to understand. There have been a lot of movies in this category and some of the common histories that filmmakers have covered over the years are World War I, World War II, and other important happenings.

  • World War I and II:even though a lot of young folks did not witness the great and sorrowful wars that involved a lot of big countries in the whole world, movies are available for them to watch and by doing so, they will have a good understanding of the two wars. There are more than ten movies that summarize the whole war.
  • Natural disaster: there have been a lot of serious natural disasters all around the whole world in the past that cannot be forgotten and this is because there are lots of movies that narrate the different happenings, for example, there are lots of movies on the tsunami, flood, and other serious disasters.
  • Hero and heroine: there are some persons in the past that have done great things in the society that does not allow the society to forget them thus there are movies that contain their stories.

couple enjoying a movie at the cinema

Entertainment: – this is one of the main reasons why movies are made, and a good movie should entertain its viewers. In addition to this, movies should captivate the mind of the viewers because this is the main reason why viewers are paying for the movie. An entertaining movie is always considered to be interesting. Thus movie makers should always make it a point of duty to entertain the viewers.

Enlightenment: there are some movies that are done for the purpose of enlightening the society, and these types of movies are used to spread some vital information about some things and some of these things might include

  • Diseases – there are some diseases that are very contagious thus some organizations or government make it their duty to spread important information about such illnesses,and this may be, prevention, cure and many other helpful ways to help cure such diseases. Some of the common diseases with movies attached to them are HIV and aids, tuberculosis and cancer.
  • Politics – there have been some movies that are used to send necessary awareness across to people in need of such information. This is very common during the election, and such movies are used to teach voters the right way to go about it. These types of movies are always meant for some group of people.

Types of the movie industry

There are lots of movie industries all around the world, and all of them have the same goal, that is to entertain movie lovers and also make money during the process. Some of the common movie industries around the world are;

Hollywood – this is the American movie industry that provides movie lovers with different genres, and it is the most popular industry when it comes to movie making. Hollywood is the leading movie industry with a lot of standard movies that have been released under the industry. There are lots of movie genres under this industry, and some of them include;

  • Comedy – this is a type of movie that is used to make viewers happy and laugh. A lot of people prefer this genre because it always puts a smile on their faces. There are thousands of this type of movie can be seen all around the internet and sites like yesmovieshub to provide visitors with a lot of Hollywood comedy movies.
  • Action – a lot of movies fall into this category,and these movies are released to show or promote technology in terms of ammunition, internet and many more. There are thousands of Hollywood action movies.
  • Adventure – this is another genre that a lot of people do fall in love with especially when the youths because with the type of settings such movies do come with, they tend to visualize a lot about adventure which makes it more interesting.
  • Romance – this is one of the genres that have a lot of lovers because the types of movies are always about love thus making a lot of people want to be part of the amazing genre.

Bollywood – this is another movie industry that is well known all over the world. There are some sub-genres under this industry. This is an Indian industry that has gained popularity over the years with great improvement. The industry has shown to the world that it has everything it needs to take over from the user Hollywood. This industry is one of the oldest industries in the sector. There are lots of Hollywood movies that can be found on the yesmovieshub and can be compared with some Bollywood movies. This is one of the leading industries in Asia and in the world.

Nollywood – this is a Nigeria movie industry that providestop-notch movies. It is the top leading industry in the whole of Africa and in the world. There has been a great development in the industry even though there are lots of movies on yesmovieshub that cannot be compared to the Nollywood movies.

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