Gemini beads at airycharm

Gemini beads often includes natural gems (precious and / or semiprecious gemini beads), such as pearls, diamonds and an infinity of gemini beads s born of minerals. Rings, earrings, pendants and of course charms are enriched with natural gems that not only adorn and add beauty and value to the pieces, but also bring meanings that move us to take them with us; especially, the gemini beads s of the month of birth . The decision to take a gemini beads or another is either because it is the one that belongs to you by the month of birth, or because of the meaning it may have and that we want to attract to our life. In this post we tell you the gemini beads of each month and their main characteristics!

Garnet: Jewel of January

The gem of the month of January is garnet. It can be green, yellow, orange or red-prudent, although the latter is its most popular version. It is usually given away on the second wedding anniversary. The properties attributed to it are that of underlining attractiveness and being a talisman of protection in travel against accidents. Its healing value is to improve blood related conditions.

Amethyst: Jewel of February

The gem of the month of February is the amethyst, and is given away on the 6th wedding anniversary. Among its properties, it induces peace and serenity of mind, bringing calmness and clarity. It also represents a strong bond between two people. His message is “do not lose your essence,” as a way to help someone not to be influenced by others. It is associated with the improvement of addictive behaviors. This charm has synthetic amethyst.

Aquamarine: Jewel of March

The gem of the month of March is aquamarine. Gift for the 19th wedding anniversary, it is also usually offered as a wedding gift, since it augurs a full and happy sentimental life. On the other hand, it is the gemini beads of long life, as it helps to stay young. Its curative value is associated with lung and vision disorders. This charm has crystal blue water, as equivalent to aquamarine.

Rock crystal: Jewel of April

The gem of the month of April is the rock crystal. He is famous for enhancing imagination, intuition and clairvoyance; and also it is said that it gives social prestige and wealth, prosperity and great dignity. Its healing property is to help counteract the loss of energy.

Crisopasa: Jewel of May

The gem of the month of May is chrysoprase . It is the gem of victory. It facilitates the expression and the mental agility, the learning and the personal growth. It provides balance and harmony. It prevents you from expressing yourself without thinking and fosters tolerance, especially in love. Its curative value is to prevent depression and appease emotions. His wealth is amazing! This charm has green glass, as an equivalent of chrysoprase.

Moon Gemini beads: Jewel of June

The gem of the month of June is the moon gemini beads. It is considered a sacred gem, which grants spiritual understanding. It provides strength, peace, harmony and good luck. It is a symbol of health and longevity. It is much appreciated as a gift between the couple because it is said that it arouses passion. It is the gem of love and fertility, intelligence and fortune.

Ruby: Jewel of July

The gem of the month of July is the ruby (also the carnelian). The ruby, from the Latin ruber = red, is the gem of desire, passion, courage and bravery. Protects from the dangers, and can even change color when doing it. It attracts beauty and elegance; It grants vitality, security, self-esteem and joy of life. Its curative value is the prevention of infectious diseases. This charm has a synthetic ruby.

Peridot: Jewel of August

The gem of the month of August is the peridot . It is known as the sun gemini beads. It promotes unforeseen loves and sweet feelings. It gives strength and happiness, individually and in a relationship, as well as the promise of new growth. Gemini beads protects against nightmares and evil eye. Gemini beads eliminate anxiety, so it is perfect for people who are apprehensive or in difficult times.

Sapphire: Jewel of September

The gem of the month of September is the sapphire. It comes from the Latin “saphirus” which means “the most beautiful thing” It symbolizes a promise of purity, honesty, trust and loyalty. It is the gem of the merchants, since it gives success to the one who carries it. Its curative value is the strengthening of sight. This charm has synthetic sapphire.

Opal: Jewel of October

Gem of the month of October is the opal. Gift of the 14th wedding anniversary, presents many colors, one of the most beautiful pink, and the most sought after, black. Gemini beads are of hope, purity and truth. It gives joy to the heart and protects from people who want to harm you. It provokes romantic situations and helps to find true love. Its healing value is the improvement of depression. This charm has pink crystal as equivalent to pink opal.

Citrine: Jewel of November

The gem of the month of November is the citrine. This precious gemini beads can have a tone between yellow and orange (the most common) or close to brown. Relieves stress and promotes clarity, inspiration and mental strength. It is said of her that she is one of the best gem of success that gives us what we need to succeed. Its curative value is to alleviate kidney problems.

Lapis Lazuli: Jewel of December

Finally, the gem of the month of December is lapis lazuli (also turquoise). It is a traditional gift of the 9th wedding anniversary. It promises peace and harmony in relationships, helping to express feelings and emotions. Gemini beads of wisdom, truth, integrity and enlightenment. Its healing value is to relieve sadness and melancholy. Help overcome losses and sad moments. This charm has blue crystal, as equivalent to lapis lazuli.