Characteristics of good bikes for the city

One of the most common questions for those who are just beginning in urban cycling is: “what type of bikes is best for the city?” In the market we can find a wide variety of styles, colors and prices. All this diversity can be quite overwhelming. To make things more complicated, when we go to the bike shop, the advisors try to sell us the fastest, the lightest or the fastest. These characteristics are important if we are looking for bikes with competitive purposes. However, for urban cycling, what is sought is a bike that facilitates the coexistence in the traffic of the city.

Important features for a city bike:

  1. Make it easy to start and stop

As part of the vehicle flow we will have to stop and start constantly. It is important that the bikes allow us to place our feet on the ground to wait for the light to turn green.

  1. That has good acceleration

Acceleration is important to get the bike moving, cross an intersection or make a lane change or overpass.

  1. That it be visible

When sharing the tracks with other vehicles it is important to remain visible. The different geometries of the frames allow the cyclist to adopt different postures. The more upright it is, the cyclist will be more visible to other users. It is also important that the bikes are equipped with both front and rear lights.

  1. Let you see the traffic around you

It is important that the cyclist can see what is happening around him. When the cyclist adopts an upright position the arms and back relax, which gives more freedom in the neck to turn around to see what happens around you. It takes a bit of practice to turn sideways or backwards without getting out of the way.

  1. Make it easy to control with one hand

Hand signals are extremely important to communicate with drivers and other cyclists. These require that we be able to control the bikes with one hand.

  1. That has an adequate speed range

The range of speeds depends on the topography of your city and the distance you travel. In a flat city more than 6 speeds is a luxury. More than the number of speeds, the important thing is the range you have. In a city with steep slopes a low speed range is required. In a flat city you do not need low speeds. The ranges of high speeds are little used in the city since these are used for speed. For more information on this topic, I invite you to read ” How to Use Your Bikes Changes “.

  1. Make it efficient

The rear suspension and the tires with taquetes, common in mountain bike, are not recommended for a city bikes. These two characteristics are extremely useful in mountain conditions. In the pavement, both the studs and the suspension (especially the rear) absorb part of the energy that we apply to the pedal. If you are going to use your mountain bike in the city, it is advisable to make some modifications.

As we already mentioned, there is a great variety of bikes styles. The important thing is to choose a bike that you like, that is of appropriate size and that suits your needs. You can find more information in our post: “What everyone should know before buying bikes. Remember to equip your bike with a good play of lights. It is advisable to start with a bike as simple as possible, with time you will realize your needs and you can equip your bike with the accessories that will make your trip more comfortable.

The market is wide, the models of mountain bikes are infinite and the brands amaze us pleasantly for having characteristics that never manage to disappoint us. Meet the best brands in mountain bikes to get started in cycling, start a new route or even compete, you will discover the best recommendations in the following article. From the simplest and basic to the most striking or ostentatious, whatever your personality these manufacturers will always have what you want.

The wheels of urban bikes tend to oscillate between 20 and 26 “, especially for their comfort when going up and down curbs, and wide tires, although narrow tires are also a good option if we plan to drive on asphalt, since that reduce the level of effort and increase the comfort As for the braking system, they are characterized by simple and effective front brakes and pedal brakes. An example of this is the combination V-brake and Shimano M422, or the Sport brakes Alloy.

The pedals must be rigid and not too high on the ground to be able to climb down and climb easily. We must look at the size of the pedal so that they adapt fully to our foot and not escape us when pedaling. Urban bikes are not characterized by a very high number of gears , but quite the opposite. Remember that the main feature is the comfort, so bikes with three gears will be perfect, but if you want you have city bikes up to six and eight gears.

The accessories of the bikes are aspects that can make our trip even more comfortable. The ideal thing is that they have fenders and chain covers to avoid staining, bell, sheath protector and a basket to carry our belongings. Likewise and, above all, if we plan to drive at night, it is important that the bikes have both rear and front lighting. To make the urban bike even more practical, you have the possibility to choose one that is foldable and pick it up without problems every time you arrive at your destination. Also, you also have electric bikes that will make your trip a comfortable and effortless activity.

Although you can use urban bikes without wearing the specific cycling gear, it is always advisable to consider some safety measures, such as helmet use. The city is a space that can become highly dangerous if we do not circulate responsibly and following the rules. Take into account the characteristics of urban bikes and choose the one that best suits your needs.

All about the important piece of careful HGV driving

The competition is tough in everything related to the heavy-lift truck industry. And getting good drivers is not the exception. In fact, it is one of the most difficult things in the business. Therefore, if your company requires the hiring of suitable drivers, you need to have patience and time, as well as involve some members of your company during the process. Below, we present four tips that will serve as a guide to hiring the right driver. Looking for piece about careful ?

Best piece about careful HGV driving
If no one in the Human Resources Department has driven a truck before, have a member of the transportation department attend the interview with you. And if neither of them has driven a truck before, then ask one of your more experienced drivers to be part of the process. Allows transport personnel or experienced drivers to participate actively in the interview. In the beginning, Human Resources can talk with the candidate about their work experience, review their CV or application form and verify its credibility. So then, be interviewed by some of your experienced employees. The additional advantage that comes from having someone with experience in the field during the interview is that it greatly helps to prevent the company from hiring staff not suitable for the job.

Expect the unexpected in construction zones
Keep in mind that traffic rules may change if work is being carried out in the area, from a reduction in speed limits to a change in traffic lanes. Therefore, a lot of attention must be paid to the traffic signals placed by the workers.

Comply with the indications of the work signer
In every construction zone, there will be a signaler, which will have the same authority as a traffic signal and you could receive a fine if you disobey their orders. Therefore, stay alert and prepare to follow the indications of the signaler of the work. What this person brings to the interview is a knowledge about the in-situ work that Human Resources does not necessarily have, if they have never handled a truck before. This expert can ask specific questions about the work and based on the candidate’s answers, know if he has the basic knowledge that they contribute to your business.

Good Practices for Heavy Vehicle Drivers
This is the best piece about careful HGV driving. The road transport sector is essential to ensure the proper social and economic development of any country. However, transport is the sector with the highest energy consumption and the highest CO2 emissions it generates. That is why it is vital to take precautions to reduce their energy consumption, in order to improve their competitiveness and sustainability. The efficient driving is a series of techniques, attached to a suitable attitude of the driver, generate a driving style which achieves significant fuel savings and reduced environmental emissions and improved safety.

These techniques encompass a piece about careful HGV driving which also help the driver to be calmer, achieving a more comfortable and less stressful driving; they minimize the risk and severity of accidents and reduce the maintenance costs of the truck.

Follow the safety instructions as consider these as a piece about careful HGV driving;

  • Always use a seat belt. You should only transport other employees if there is a belt for each of them.
  • Always respect the speed limit. Reduce speed depending on weather conditions.
  • Do not drive further if you are fatigued. Get out of the cabin and take the air. Do not resort to stimulants to overcome fatigue.
  • Always respect local traffic regulations and comply with the requirements regarding driving periods.
  • Adjust the seat so that it is as straight as possible and allow the headrest to be used. This will allow preventing cervical injuries in case of an accident.
  • Find out about the maintenance procedures of the vehicle and make sure it is in good working order. Check that the windows and mirrors are clean and that the tires, brakes, steering, and lights are in good condition.
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if you have taken any medication that may affect drive. Follow the medication safety instructions and consult the doctor in case of doubt.
  • Keep in mind that smoking while driving can cause drowsiness because carbon dioxide reduces oxygen in the cabin and increases the carbon monoxide level in the blood.
  • Carefully lower the cabin, especially in case of poor visibility or fatigue in the leg muscles.
  • Check that the load is evenly distributed and conveniently fastened. Take the necessary precautions to prevent the load from falling on you.
  • Check that there are no loose objects in the cab that can move sharply when braking and cause injuries.
  • Co-drivers resting on bunk beds must carry restraint devices.
  • Check that it does not obstruct the vision with hanging objects, stickers, among others, in the windows.
  • Do not park the vehicle or trailer in places that obstruct traffic or the visibility of other drivers or pedestrians. Use items to prevent the vehicle from moving.
  • Eat regularly and in a healthy way.
  • Do not use your cell phone while driving.

Drive slowly
Keep in mind that a truck traveling at 90 km / h runs 26 meters per second. If you travel at this speed on the road and you cross with a sign that says “works at 450 meters”, you will reach that construction zone in approximately 17 seconds.

Do not drive too close to other vehicles or other objects
One of the most common accidents when driving through construction zones is the rear collision, caused by driving too close to other vehicles. When handling heavy cargo trucks in these areas, it is best to leave seven seconds of braking distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Also, keep a prudent distance between your truck and the traffic barriers, construction equipment, and the workers themselves.

Leave earlier to arrive at your destination on time
Keep in mind that you can delay more than estimated when you go through a construction zone. If you know that the road you will travel through will present works, plan your route in advance so that you can reach your destination in a timely manner.