Inversion tables – Comfort always with you

For many people, inversion tables look like an unfamiliar term. Something they haven’t heard about before. That may be true. However, most of you would have heard about inversion therapy or about the benefits of learning to stand on your head for a few minutes every day. Inversion therapy says exactly that. It advocates turning upside down so that the body can reap the benefits of defying gravity for some time. Keep in mind, best inversion tables may cost more but will give you very good value for money and will last longer. There are many brand making good quality products; you need to find one with your need and budget. Not all branded things are expensive and you are sure to get good results. There are many good stores online from where you can buy these. It is not very expensive, on best of brands also you will get some discounts and that is the best part about it.

Inversion tables are simply tools to practice inversion therapy. They consist of a flat cushioned seat where one initially lies down. Then, the seat is rotated at an angle so that your head remains towards the ground and your leg goes up in the air. If you want the best inversion tables, at the best possible price then for that you need to spend some time doing the right research. We in this article have given you some points which will help you to buy the right one. This is a thing that is very good for health and helps you like a comfortable life and gets the job done.

Benefits of using inversion tables

There are a number of advantages of using inversion tables for oneself. They are great for your body and will help you relax after a long tiring day.

  1. Hydration of spinal discs: So, the basic premise of an inversion table is to defy gravity. Once, you defy gravity and remain upside down, your spinal discs are pulled away from each other. This helps them absorb moisture from the surrounding areas. Over a period of time, agile and hydrated discs would help you stay active and keep back problems away. This is very important thing as lots of people are suffering from the back problems. This is the only way by which you can overcome those.
  2. Reduction in pressure on nerves: A growing gap between spinal discs does not only allow moisture to flow in. It also gives more space for spinal nerves to enter and exit the spinal cord of the body. Hence, the exorbitant pressure which spinal nerves face on all times is released. This really gives you a boost of relaxation and is great for your mental health.
  3. Spine Realignment: From the time you step out of your house in the morning till the moment you step back into your house, how much time does your spine get to relax? None at al. Regular inversion therapy would ensure that in spite of this hectic daily routing, your spine remains in its natural alignment. If you want to keep the spine in the right order then things will be much easier for that you can make use of this. This works wonderfully well. Spine is very important thing of the body and for that you need makes use of this.

Besides this, inversion tables help in functioning of lymph nodes and increase the amount of blood reaching the brain. And that’s not it. It helps in relaxing your tense and stiff muscles too. You should be sure that the product you are buying is giving good results. Once you buy a product which is of good brand then you are sure to get good results. Also it will give you value for money, what else can you ask for.

This table is made with durable and a scratch-proof finish, and features a comfortable memory-foam seat for your back and head. Its lumbar pillow support especially is one of its main features that gives support to your head and neck. It has rubber floor stabilizers that do not allow the table to skid or slide when performing the inversion of the body. It also features ergonomically designed ankle cushions, which pad and support the ankles during inversion therapy. It can also be folded to take up minimal space while in storage.

Let us look at one more option, the Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table is very sturdy and can support body weight of up to 350 lbs. It helps in reducing back strain, spinal stress and also helps in stimulating blood circulation in the body. It features a patented and very unique. This table boasts of being able to invert the body up to angles of 180 degrees. Most inversion therapists suggest that even 60 degrees is a huge benefit to the body and also warn us that we should not stretch beyond the body limits. The Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table is very easy to assemble and put together and can be done by one person. It is available on Amazon and other such sites for purchase. It is one of the best picks in the market and is the closest that you can get to having a profession inversion table therapy session at home.


All in all, inversion tables are a great thing to try out. They have positive effects on all your body parts and if practiced regularly, they help you remain fit, healthy and young.

However, for every good thing, you will inadvertently find a bunch of naysayers too and the same is applicable to best inversion tables. Some people might tell you that inversion tables never work and that inversion therapy is not beneficial. However, these are always those people who have never tried inversion therapy for themselves. Ask those who have tried it and they will tell you about the change they have been happy to see in their lives.